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  1. What makes your story unique? Crafting your story around that unique element will increase its impact. Here are a few questions that, when answered, will help you discover what it is that makes your story more interesting.
    1.  Are you a first generation college student (the first person in your family to go to college)?
    2. Are you a parent who didn’t think school was possible for you?
    3. Have you overcome hardships to get your education? Things like overcoming poverty challenges (transportation, having to work instead of going to school), personal trials, previous failures, language barriers, etc.
    4. Did you use CCS as a springboard to a great career or more higher education?
    5. Did athletics at CCS help open doors for you?
    6. Did your technical degree give you connections or help get you established in an industry?
    7. Did you go to CCS mid-career to start something completely different?

These examples are great ways of picking out unique stories from your life, but they are just ideas to help you get started.

Craft it wrench




It doesn’t have to be long to be good. Some stories can be told in a few sentences, while others may need multiple paragraphs. Start by arranging your content in a linear fashion. In other words, arrange it based in time. Start with how you got to college and end with what you’re doing now. Be descriptive and describe how things made you feel. The more someone can relate to your story the more powerful it will be.

After you finish writing, be sure to re-read the content to check for spelling errors and incomplete sentences. Grammar errors may distract your readers and take some impact away from your story. If you can, have someone else proofread your story and offer suggestions for improving it.

Media is just as important as the story itself. Think about your background. For example, a selfie in the bathroom may not be as effective as a smiling photo with your advisor in a classroom or in your work place. Framing the photo/video better will improve your content dramatically. Try eliminating anything from the photo that is distracting from the main content. People and faces are always more impactful. If you want some help with your photo skills, check out this article from the Huffington Post: 29 Instagram Hacks From People Who take Really Good Photos. Video can be even more challenging, but every improvement in quality will help.


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What Next?

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